We support you at every stage of your growth plan. Do you have an idea? Wetake care of the produce! We work where sometimes your experience stops.

From design to prototyping

Our Design team up with the latest market trends, is working for the development of your project. A specification is immediately set-up, it will synthesize your expectations: products, ergonomics, required materials, use of the object and method of distribution.

Once the information analyzed, we submit a first draft of the product as a 3D preview.

From the Prototype validation to the mass production

As production experts, we work with the most successful manufacturers in both the price of the product quality. Our organization can meet all your needs, from fast prototyping to production mass.

From mass production to customized packaging

After your need study step, we can achieve the creation of appropriate packaging for your product, your market, and your business.

From the Customs documents management to delivery worldwide delivery

We work with the world’s leading logistics group. Present in setting packaging, such as attending the loading of the container, we can also manage the receipt and storage of your goods at destination. An audit fortnightly on logistics prices is requested from the industry, in order to guarantee you the best price on main destinations in the World.

Our principle : the Quality

Our quality specialists’team act in the field. With control throughout production, no defect escapes them. But we do not just recognize defects like most quality control firms; we also identify the problem and propose a solution. (Changes in material, process, etc. …)
So our skills enable us to meet SMEs, Industriesas well as large groups.
Our teams are built with people of different nationalities. Exchanges are thereby facilitated and this practice ensures the same level of requirements in terms of both quality and cost to meet those of your markets.