Globalink is a specialist in International procurement and and adapt to your particular requirements

Finding a new supplier is in most cases motived by finding the best Quality/Price ratio for your products

Globalinks buying office  is a strategic solution in order to reduce your costs  (fixed expenses, labor costs, …) and to control the risk of dependency from a sole supplier, while keeping a high quality level.

GLOBALINK  identifies and evaluates the potential suppliers able to fill your requirements.  Our fields of activity range from helping to design a product to mass production. Our scope of knowledge enables us to be at any stage of your purchasing process (from development to product delivery). 

The GLOBALINK Asian team specializes in factory quality audits.

Dealing worry-free with a new partner and being sure about its performances may require an audit in order to fit your standards. The Globalink Quality Engineer will propose you 3 different solutions :

Basic Audit : (available only in addition to QC for a delivery)

This service consists in a basic audit of the supplier. The advantage of such mission is to be able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses from your new partner. During a mission of QC in the same factory, our inspector will fill our related check-list, including an overview of your partner’s factory

  • Information about the factory (Welcoming, building date ,Obsolescence factor,  Cleanliness)
  • Information about available equipments (Quality, Obsolescence, Production capacity)
  • Information about logistics  (Delivery time, responsiveness, Accessibility)

Technical audit :

This full technical evaluation of your supplier will provide you all the details about its know-how and the equipments they are using. From this evaluation, you will be able to evaluate the opportunity to deal with him for some other products.

The information provided by this Technical  Audit :

  • Factory (Welcoming, building date ,Obsolescence factor,  Cleanliness, organization, Managers and Director, range of competence)
  • Information about available equipment (Quality, Obsolescence, Production capacity)
  • Information aboutlogistics  (Delivery time, responsiveness, Accessibility)
  • Your  partner(Other fields of competence , Raw material and intermediary products , Main markets …)
  • Environment(Suppliers, Partners, Clients, Competitors…)
  • Official documentation about  certifications, Quality Standards,..

Environmental and social audit :

This audit will enable you to check the working conditions of the workers and the environmental situation during your production. Some companies in order to increase their competitiveness or margin push the limits for production conditions below the local standards. Above the ethics problem, such situation can bring your company into unpleasant exposition to the media.

This audit concerns :

  • Corporate Social Responsability of your partner : (Working conditions, legal standards, ..)
  • Cleanliness and Safety
  • Workers’protection (Living standards, Age, suitable equipment,…)
  • Waste management in respect of local standards and reasonable international standards.

Quality control

Whatever you choose us for the sourcing or just after the factory you choose has arranged the production, we provide the Pre-shipment inspection to prevent you from unacceptable delivery.

For intricate productions we provide the Beginning or During Production Control to enable corrective actions and retrofitting from the production to avoid late unwanted surprise and to help the factory in fixing any eventual mistake.

For your expeditions, we also provide the loading control that will avoid bad surprise (quantity, stowage, packing).

GLOBALINK provides its How-know in China for your products and equipment purchases.

The first step of cooperation with Globalink,  consists in setting up a Guideline book , that will be the basis for our future cooperation

  • Existing products based on your sample, identically produced, need to be improved, even need to be completely developed
  • Materials and their characteristics
  • Standards
  • Colors
  • Customization or logo
  • Target prices
  • Delivery time

Globalink can also :

  • Propose you new products , thanks to our market and technology watch cell
  • Develop your new products thanks to our engineers and creative’s teams

Responsive and flexible, Globalink deals with your requests within 48 hours. A quotation with the logistics costs until your place of delivery will be provided.

Cut the costs !

Globalink business aims to eliminate no-added-value intermediaries and their hidden costs to be your unique partner in China. No matter if you need the realization of a prototype or a complete production to deliver until your warehouses, Globalink provides you the last missing pieces from the puzzle

Get from now on the experience from a professional team in Sourcing and Quality management.

Globalink brings you from now on the experience we acquired during the past 20 years in China.Globalink has been building its reputation years after years thanks to its team purchasing experience, its strict production management and the essential logistics follow-up.

Globalink with Key Figures

  • More than 3000 export cases from China
  • More than 100 clients
  • 15,000 identified suppliers
  • More than 200 suppliers from which 30 partners for more than 10 years!

Fulfillments from Globalink

  • Gardening items, garden furniture, outdoor activities equipment
  • Agro-industry equipment
  • Packaging, printing works
  • Fabrics and accessories for the fashion activities
  • Equipment for Restaurants, hotels, and communities
  • Accessories for automobiles
  • Goodies, communication tools

Our recommandations (our products are sold or used by the following enterprises)

  • General chain stores (Usa, Australia, France)
  • Specialized chain stores (Gardening, Automobiles accessories)
  • Importers and wholesalers
  • Cosmetics manufacturers
  • Fashion business
  • Food and agriculture packers
  • Global Advertising companies
  • Banks and Insurance companies

References can be provide during a direct contact with your purchasing department.

Increase your production performances :

Globalink is an international operator with its main place of sourcing in China, partnership within Asia, as its own subsidiary in Mauritius.

Get advantage from a fully consolidated process

When you entrust Globalink, you buy through an international team who knows the expectations from your territory and anticipate the difficulties in Chinese outsourcing.

Maximize your logistics flows

We have progressively established strong relations with logistics companies that can fulfill your requirements whatever the destination from de goods. Globalink manages shipments by sea, air, combinated transport and express delivery at the best market rates.

Home & Garden

Home & Garden

Outdoor equipment and facilities made by Globalink

Restaurant facilities

Restaurant facilities

Equipment and facilities made for restaurants

Packing items

Packing items

Packings and display units tailor-made according to your needs

Car accessories

Car accessories

Car accessories made in partnership with Fun-auto