Meeting your expectations

We take into consideration each one of your needs and we are always ready to assist you in all your product development projects and other specific purchases.

Honesty and Integrity

Globalink teams are committed to neutrality in the choice of your suppliers or in the completion of your controls and Quality Audits and therefore not receive any gift, bribe, capital interest or any other form of corruption. The Quality Controls and Audits are also constantly unannounced in order not to let the opportunity for suppliers to rig and to provide you an actual description of them.

Compliance with legislation and Ethics

We are committed to complying with all laws, national laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate for you.

Transparency and intelligibility

Because we work on your behalf, transparency is our keyword in order to keep you informed about the different stages of your order and your delivery. We also emphasize the fact that we make every effort to ensure that your requests are well understood and that our reports are clear and understandable to all.

Privacy, Security, and Intellectual Protection

As professionals in the service sector, we grant it a point not to disclose any information about you to third parties outside the order execution process and throughout our relationship.

Quality of service

We are committed to offer you the best quality of service
Customer satisfaction surveys allow us to improve continuously our methods to meet your custom needs. For your production, we work with the most successful manufacturers in both the price of the product quality. Our organization can meet all your needs, from rapid prototyping to mass production.


Our purchasing office in China allows us to negotiate the best prices and limit the “experimental costs”.
We are looking for the best providers according to your project.
Globalink also relieves you form all customs difficulties.